Founded in 2017, Cheap Trickster has quickly become Dallas' best tribute to the boys from Rockford IL, Cheap Trick. 

The band spotlights Courtney Haines as Robin.  Courtney's background includes a bunch of really great stuff that we'll talk about here soon!

Theron Andrews plays the role of Rick.  It's not his first trip to the rodeo- he was a founding member of the Seattle based Cheap Trick Tribute, Budokan, and admits that Rick is probably his favorite guitarist of all times.  He likes to goof around and ham it up a bit... and he's passionate about recreating Rick's parts and performance. Theron brings Rick's signature energy to the band.  He's also trying to catch up to Rick's guitar collection, but is about 236 guitars short at last count. 

In the role of Tom, Bob Baldwin ​rocks a 12 string bass to cover all the parts to a T (as in Tom) and even covers the classic Tom vocal on "Never Had A Lot To Lose".  Bob's a veteran of the Dallas scene, and also handles the business end of things for the band, so if you're interested in booking Cheap Trickster, click here to email him!

As Bun E., Justin Krause lays down the groove and nails Bun's parts perfectly.  He's got it down- we're working on getting him some big sticks now...

We hope you come catch a show soon- it's an action-packed ride through all of Cheap Trick's top hits... and there may be a few deep-cut surprises in the set for you loyal fans out there!

In the meantime, make sure to check out our video for the classic hit Surrender here - thanks, and see you soon!